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Reading and Language Arts
Rhyming Dictionary
Peter Rabbit Web Site 
Helps you create a bibliography
Harry Potter
Judy Blume
Book Adventure: Kids Zone


Cake Maker
National Gallery 
of Art
Art Pad
Math Sites
Cool Math 
4 Kids
Math Drill
Interactive Math
Math Games
Fun Brain
Brain Teasers
Fact Monster
Disaster Math
 Home Learning Help
Kid Sites
Crayola Projects
Seasonal Craft Ideas
Cyber Kids
Kid  chat, Homework help, etc...
Kids' Place
games and activities 
Ask Jeeves
Kid Search Tools
Fact Monster

Test Practice

Be a Better Test Taker
FCAT Explorer
4th Grade Test Prep
Social Studies Sites 
African History
Global Show n Tell
Ancient Egypt
Tour & Learn About Miami
World Atlas & Maps
Native American Lore
African American 
History Quiz
Virtual Field Trips
Influencial African Americans
America's Story
French Culture
Encyclopedia Smithsonian 
National Museum of 
American History
Visible Earth
View Florida From Space & More
Desert USA
Learn about Native Americans and more!
Holocaust Memorial Museum
Visit The White House
Ranger Rick's
Kid Zone
Wildlife Conservation
Explorer's Club
Passport to the 
Rain Forest
National Wildlife Fed.
Science Around the World
Kids' Science Page
FEMA for Kids
Disaster Planning
Sea World /Coral Reef
Amusement Park Physics
 NASA For Kids
Dinosaur Floor
Learn about Dinosaurs.
Mars Millennium Project
Science Fair Central
Visit the Arctic
Franklin Institute Online
National Geographic Kids
Pictures from the Hubble
 Nature Net
Cool Science for Curious Kids
Desert USA
Learn about the animals, plants, etc. of the USA
The Science Club
  Yellowstone National Park
Coral Reef Relief
Explore the 
Rain Forest
Rocks, Gems, and Minerals of the Desert
 Want To Be A Veterinarian?
What's it like
where you live?
Biomes and Ecosystems